Managed Donations

Managed donations

Many companies often donate old or redundant IT equipment to their staff, or to charity and underprivileged communities. This carries a multitude of risks that they most likely are unaware of such as the regulations set out in the National Environment Waste Act and among others which dictate that the provider of goods is responsible not only to provide a warranty on the items but also for the responsible recycling or disposal of the goods.

AST Recycling helps companies to donate old IT equipment while ensuring that no data is compromised and all regulatory compliance is adhered to.

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Considering donating old IT equipment?

Three pieces of legislation you need to comply with when dealing with IT equipment at the end of its life.

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act

The Consumer Protection Act

The National Environmental Management: Waste Act

Why donate?

It is said that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Never is this truer than in the technology space, in which one organisation’s outdated equipment can be just what a smaller organisation needs for its day-to-day administration. Or, some companies even donate or sell equipment to their staff.

Donating equipment rather than discarding it is also a great contributor to the circular economy, extending the life of goods rather than sending them straight to landfill when their current usefulness has expired.

While tech donations are to be encouraged, they do open donors up to a certain amount of regulatory risk. This should not discourage you from donating. Rather, you should be aware of the regulations governing the donation of office equipment and understand the measures you need to take to ensure compliance. 

Considering donating old IT equipment? We can help.

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Donating old IT equipment? We can help.