Why is data security important?

Data security is important for the following reasons:

Costs, Fines and Reparations

By protecting your data we help you to minimise the risk of incurring heavy fines and legal fees among many other financial losses.

      Reputation Damage

      A data breach can cost a company millions, as well as seriously damage their reputation. We help you protect your company reputation by preventing confidential information from falling into the hands of malicious entities who can cause untold damage.

      Job Loss

      Studies have shown that recent major breaches have caused top-level executives at large international companies to lose their jobs, which is why data protection is an essential board-level concern.

          Legal Responsibility

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA for short) is essentially purposed to protect people from harm, by protecting their personal information, preventing their money and their identity from being stolen and to protect their privacy which is a fundamental human right.

     How We Ensure Data Security

     Secure Offsite Facility

     From the moment your IT equipment is collected, to when it is processed in our secure facility, to when it is recycled, each item is individually tracked through our IT asset management system:

      1. Satellite tracked collection vehicles, directly owned by Absolute IT AD

      2. Security cleared, professional engineers

      3. Chain of custody trial, with documentation for each stage

      4. Individual tracking by item serial number

      5. Removal and secure disposal of asset tags

      6. Certificate to prove destruction/ data sanitisation for each item

       7. Eco-friendly disposal of waste products

      Secure Mobile Facility

      For your convenience and to remove all risk of a security breach while in transit, we provide a state-of-the-art mobile facility that can sanitise your data onsite. Our mobile unit is fully equipped to destroy HDD's and other electronic devices, shred paper documents and sanitise IT equipment using software.

      - Document shredding up to security level three

      - Data Protection Act 1998 compliance

     - BSEN15713: 2009 security shredding standards

      - Destruction certificate for auditing purposes

      - Photographic proof of destruction if required

      - GPS tracking on each mobile unit

      - Vehicles protected by twelve on-board CCTV cameras, with customer link so  you can observe the process in real-time
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