Why hardware and software asset management is vital to secure remote working?

The roles of hardware and software asset management in organisations are now more crucial than ever. Many organisations find this challenging under the best of conditions, now throw in a pandemic and a rush to get people operational from their homes and you have a black hat hackers intrusion heaven.

For one, home networks are often very different to corporate networks and don’t sit behind the same level of firewalls or intrusion protection scanning.

Companies need to make sure that introducing remote access does not introduce more risk to their environment by securing the endpoint connections into their corporate networks by a VPN and look to use multi-factor authentication to secure the connection.

This is also where software asset management becomes more important, when IT teams have the ability to have an overview of the software versions running on the machines remotely at a glance and identify any software that’s not updated to the latest security patch. This allows them to be pro-active and take the necessary steps in ensuring that they don’t fall victim to the next WannaCry ransomware outbreak.

AST Recycling is able to assist organisations with their hardware and software asset management as well as network threat detection to ensure that their data is secure whether they're working from home or the office. Contact us for more information about our unique IT asset management solutions.
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